Are Internships Worthwhile?

There are a lot of things which make an internship a valid option for many people. If you take an example of a recently graduated individual looking for work in an area they’re not familiar with or possess little by way of expertise in, then an intern ship can be a great way to introduce yourself to a potential employer and to gain some of the expertise which will improve your chance of finding work in the field.

Internships generate a lot of negativity, both by people who disapprove of the practice of offering unpaid work and by those who’ve gone through the process and ended up with nothing positive from the experience. Not getting anything from them is certainly a risk; some businesses tend to use their interns as a cheap low-skilled workforce. Still, it mostly comes down to attitude, as if you show yourself to be a useful person to have around, they will probably give you more responsibilities, therefore making the experience more valuable to you. Many young people will also choose internships as an opportunity to experience the environment, which should be achievable no matter what.