Volunteer Work – For the Inexperienced

Volunteering can often be an ideal starting point to a successful career, and it doesn’t usually matter what industry you’re looking to break into, you may have to do some work experience to gain that ‘essential’ initial experience.

Most job positions, including graduate roles, require a certain amount of experience, and you can get that from volunteering in your industry. Whether you’re looking to break into finance, journalism, teaching, marketing or midwifery, you can show you’re eager to ‘get your foot in the door’ if you have experience and qualifications on your CV.

Not many students can step out of school or university and break into a particular industry without any experience whatsoever, so show your passionate by volunteering and getting hands on experience that will stay with you forever.

Career Opportunities Abroad

There are plenty of career opportunities abroad; you just have to know where to look. Teaching vacancies can be found in a diverse range of countries, and in particular, China, Japan and Thailand are crying out for English speaking professionals.

English speaking countries like USA, Canada and Australia can be easier countries to settle in to, and there are plenty of opportunities here, depending on the job role. Take Australia as an example, they release a skilled occupation list, and if your current skills match to an occupation on the list, you have a better chance of success when you’re over there.

If opportunities are hard to come by in the UK, then there’s no harm in looking for jobs further afield, but of course moving to a different country will change your life entirely, so you shouldn’t necessarily rush in when making this kind of decision.

Out of A-Levels and Into Work

Not every sixth-from student heads to college or university when their A-levels are complete, and many people do jump straight into full-time employment. This can prove to be a shrewd decision, especially if you’re given an opportunity at an ambitious company.

You not only get the chance to develop your skills in work, but you learn more skills and get a very good understanding on the industry you’re working in. At university or college, you sometimes only get several week-long work placements, but it’s fair to say that this kind of experience is not always beneficial when it comes to getting a job.

It can be a bold decision to jump straight into employment, but there are no reasons why students shouldn’t take this route, especially if they find the right employer, but it’s important to develop the skills you learn early on and climb the ranks to achieve higher positions and more success in the future.

Are Internships Worthwhile?

There are a lot of things which make an internship a valid option for many people. If you take an example of a recently graduated individual looking for work in an area they’re not familiar with or possess little by way of expertise in, then an intern ship can be a great way to introduce yourself to a potential employer and to gain some of the expertise which will improve your chance of finding work in the field.

Internships generate a lot of negativity, both by people who disapprove of the practice of offering unpaid work and by those who’ve gone through the process and ended up with nothing positive from the experience. Not getting anything from them is certainly a risk; some businesses tend to use their interns as a cheap low-skilled workforce. Still, it mostly comes down to attitude, as if you show yourself to be a useful person to have around, they will probably give you more responsibilities, therefore making the experience more valuable to you. Many young people will also choose internships as an opportunity to experience the environment, which should be achievable no matter what.