International Supply Teachers

Supply teacher

Education is one of our most prised experiences. From a young age we begin to learn, gathering information from the world around us. We are taught by our parents, by our life, and by our peers. Most importantly, we are taught by teachers. We often forget (especially as children) that our teachers are humans, still growing and learning themselves. Occasionally, our teachers are taken away from their work for unavoidable circumstance. For those who have experienced substitute teaching, it is common knowledge that the quality of the fill-in teacher can be varied depending on the availability of skilled educators in the area. This is especially a challenge for international schools, whose focus is the education of children from expatriate families and those wanting to gain broader, more widely accepted qualifications.

The weight of this challenge is what inspired qualified educators to institutions all over the world. Because of the unique challenges facing international schools, many recruitment agencies individually screen each application, selecting candidates with at least two years of classroom experience who are flexible, adaptable, and ready to travel immediately. The staff has worked in over fifteen countries, responding to emergency requests since 1999. Teachers through the agency are typically available for periods of six weeks to twelve months, are able to teach kindergarten through twelfth year, and have experience in British, American, and International curricula. 

International supply teachers offer an experienced and talented staffing solution. These agencies are driven to create jobs that ensure quick access to experienced substitute teachers for international schools, in order to create a smooth and painless process for children, who are at such a critical stage of learning and development.

International schools across the globe have been more than satisfied with the quality of the educators provided to them – in fact, many have even offered the individuals extended contracts or positions within their school. Teachers, in turn, have been equally receptive, relieved that they feel welcome at their assigned international schools. For most teachers involved in the programme, it has provided an exciting opportunity to learn about another country while teaching eager-to-learn English-speaking pupils. Because of their careful screening process, they reliable staff to top schools across the globe, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the educator and the institution.