Surviving University

Many students leave school for university, but you don’t really know what you’ve let yourself in for until the course begins. Often, university graduates will say the workload and the tasks became more difficult over time. So while first year may have been rather easy, the third year would have been rather difficult, and it’s the year where you put those skills you’ve learned to good use.

In year one, you may find there is a lot of reading and a reasonable number of essays, whilst workload increases once more in year two, while grades become more important too. Year three is obviously the big finale, but if you put in the effort and work hard throughout your period at university, you’ll do fine, and develop further in the future.

University can take a lot out of you, and it’s not just the workload, it’s the social life too. Many students have to balance social life with employment and the university course, but at the end of the day the degree takes top priority and you’ll certainly find that out in year 3.