Taking a Gap Year – Good or Bad for your CV?

The decision to take a gap year is a bold one, so you may want to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before you come to a decision. One of the biggest concerns is whether or not a gap year can have a negative effect on your CV, but that depends on what you do with your time while you’re away.

If you learn a new language, volunteer, teach English or develop your photography portfolio, you may be adding skills and experience, but if you don’t actively take part in anything while you’re away, potential employers may well be put-off when they see a big gap on your CV.

Every individual is different, and so too are their experiences on their gap year, so whatever you do, make sure you return home without any regrets. If you’re seriously contemplating a gap year, remember the option is always there to raise your cultural awareness, hone your existing skills and become more independent, so you could actually boost your job prospects when you return.