The Cover Letter – What you must remember


When you’re writing out a cover letter to go alongside your CV in a job application, you need to make sure you consider the employer’s requirements. If you haven’t read the job brief in detail, then you need to, because this is essentially your guideline when it comes to applying for a position.

If you can tick all of the employer’s boxes then you’re going to be in with a good chance, and you should always avoid creating a template cover letter that you send out to multiple employers. Remember, no two jobs are the same, and neither are the job descriptions, so your cover letter should be tailored for specific positions.

A good cover letter will not just repeat the facts that you have included in your CV, it should give them an insight into your personality, your aims, your relevant skills and your ambition. The cover letter is often the first part of the application that a recruiter will look at, so it has to well-thought out if you really want a good chance of landing that dream job.